Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route Update #1

Hi. Sitting in an internet cafe in the quaint town of Silver City in southern NM. Here is a brief update of my life since flying out of Portland on Thursday morning.

I flew into Tucson. The southwestern desert landscape is amazing from above. Flying over Arizona and landing in Tucson seems to me like how a fly would feel landing on a starving man's belly. The topography of every rib exposed, every joint detailed. Parched and undernourished, this land has nothing to hide. A the plane approached the tarmac, I noticed a small green pool. Fetid. Yucky. Probably not so different than any tarmac, just better visibility. Next I spied a huge sajuero cactus standing upright, proud. Like it could be posted at an arid 10 Downing Street.

Pulled my bike from it's box and reassembled it no problem. Rode to my hotel, then to get some stove fuel (in a strip mall camping store). Then for some Mexican food (strip mall). Then a grocery store (uh huh). Weird.

Cought a shuttle to the border of Mexico/New Mexico in a van that brings immigrants back and forth from Chiuhuahua visiting family. Me and 15 others packed into a van going 85 down the interstate. Not too scared until the driver started texting. Hmmm.

At the border, I did my last few odds and ends, had the customs agent take a ceremonial photo of me, and started to peddle North. Landed up riding 47 miles that afternoon to the "town" of Hatchita. Not much to speak of, but killer sunsets.

That was Friday. Yesterday I rode 62 miles through the arid desert landscape of NM. Got lost, Saw my 1st snake, pulled water from a windmill meant for cows. You know, the usual. Did I mention I'm tired?

Today will be a short day. Rode 23 miles into Silver City, will screw around here for a few hours, and ride 20 or so to camp.....up hill. So far I've been blessed with highly unusually cool weather for this time of year in NM. Hope the good fortune continues.


  1. Great to hear things are going well Daniel. Did you pass up a rare White Castle hamburger in Hachita or has the store closed there like everything else?

    "Camper" Dave

  2. 62 miles in one day? Damn. Good to hear from you. Bring me home a cactus, a really big one! It shouldn't be hard to carry with you, right? Stay safe homeboy, and have fun. Orie

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